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Hello! Fred here!

Thank you for taking the time and effort to visit WhisperOfHeaven.com!

Our goal is to help anyone who so desires to hear more clearly and accurately the voice of God. Yes, the church is full of praying people, people who spend a lot of time speaking to God in the name of Jesus. We come to Him with all kinds of prayers and supplications, confessions, and all kinds of crying to Him for help. However, it is our view that a million of our words do not add up to one word of truth from God. In other words, we should spend 10% of our prayer time speaking and asking, and 90% of our time listening to what God has to say. If we spent more time listening and less time speaking, we would be much more effective in our Christian walk.

At this site, you are welcome to listen to any of the podcasts and videos. Please feel free to browse the blogs as well. Rest assured that all material is based in and tested by the word of God, the Holy Bible. Holy Scripture is our launchpad for an exciting and fulfilling relationship with our Creator. If we don’t believe that God’s word is the faultless and inerrant revelation of God’s mind and heart, then we have no foundation for our relationship with Him. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17). We begin our salvation journey by believing what the Scriptures say about Jesus as our risen Lord and Savior. By faith, we believe the gospel. And, by faith, we walk each day of our journey with Him. The key is that the Father sent the Holy Spirit to indwell Christ-believers, and by the Holy Spirit we hear directly, without a middleman, the real and enlightening voice of God.

Get ready to go with us on the adventure of our lives as we seek the mind, heart, will and voice of God Almighty–the Father, the Son and the Holy  Spirit. Thank you again for visiting.

In His Word, and His Word within,

Fred MacKrell


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